Impact is returning with a bang this summer!

After missing an issue last Autumn, Impact is returning with a bang this summer!

Impact Magazine is aimed at those who are interested in the impact that can be achieved by using an analytical approach to decisions. The magazine features a variety of case studies, that share different OR methods and how they are implemented. Each case study highlights how effective OR can be, whether it is for the benefit of organisations, the ‘greater good’ or in this case, everyday life.

With the imminent arrival of The Eras Tour in the UK, this issue of Impact will feature a short piece on using the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) to visit all the locations mentioned in the Taylor Swift song London Boy. Matthew Howells, a PhD student at Cardiff University, wrote a Python code to cycle through all permutations of the journey to solve the problem to optimality. His solution reduces the journey considerably, enabling the trip to be made in a shorter period before you say So long, London.

This short piece will be joined by several case studies of practical uses of OR ranging from a case study on how they simulation of bandwidth usage supports telecom infrastructure decision-making, to combatting some of world’s biggest problems such as the HIV epidemic in South Africa or antimicrobial Resistance in US Agriculture.

Long story short, not only will we publish the ultimate optimised Swiftie London trip details, but also the usual practitioner case studies you know All Too Well. But we’ll be honest, this issue of Impact Hits Different… Ready for it?

Have you used OR techniques to make an impact? Why not share your case study and publish in Impact Magazine? The magazine is free for all to access, so is the perfect place to promote your work. See the Call for Papers here.

You can read previous issues of Impact Magazine here, or download the articles here.