Publicity, Membership & Website Committee

This committee comprises up to 12 members appointed by Board, the Executive Director and any non-voting members co-opted by committee.

Publicity, Membership & Website Committee Members

Committee Member Affiliation Term End Notes
Jonathan Batson (Chair) formerly IBM Consulting Dec 2020
Rosemary Byde AFORS RBS Dec 2019 GC
Mark Elder FORS Simul8 Corp Dec 2020 GC
Giles Hindle University of Hull Dec 2022 R GC
Colin Kendall AWE Dec 2020 R GC
Itoro Liney Legal & General Dec 2021 R GC
Stephen Lorrimer NHS Dec 2020 R GC
Nicola Morrill AFORS Dstl Dec 2022 R GC
Stephan Onggo University of Southampton Dec 2022 R GC
Viv Raven HMRC Dec 2019 GC
Rob Wallace ORS, Senior Membership Administrator   NV X
Navin Mair ORS, Web Development Officer   NV X
Geraldine Davis ORS, Head of Marketing & Comms   NV X
Gavin Blackett FORS ORS, Executive Director   * NV

* denotes automatically a member by virtue of committee's terms of reference
# denotes co-opted by committee
NV denotes non-voting
R denotes the term of office is renewable
GC denotes membership of General Council
X denotes non member of ORS

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