Analytics Summit Past Presentations

All you need is AI…(and a good strategy plan)

John Crocker looks back at Appolo Tankeh and Tom Ward's presentation on AI and strategy at the 2018 Annual Analytics Summit

View Appolo's and Tom's AI talk here

How the BSB assesses ‘fuzzy’ human behaviour & culture concepts at banks

Qamar Zaman and Celia Moore discussed the the Banking Standards Board's framework for matching what companies do to the most satisfactory consumer outcomes for those companies.

Watch Qamar's and Celia's discussion

Data Science at the Home Office

The opening paper at 2018's Annual Analytics Summit, ‘Data Science at the Home Office’, was presented by Rupert Chaplin, Head of Data Science at the Home Office.

See Rupert's talk here

Transport for the North – Realising the Vision of the Northern Powerhouse

Richard Bradley, Head of Data Modelling and Appraisal for Transport for the North (TfN) detailed how new approaches to old problems could gain new efficiencies in transport planning.

Watch Richard's presentation here

The Business Ethics Canvas: A Simple Tool for Designing Ethical Data Products

Iain Randolph

Geospatial Analytics in a World of Big Data and AI

Dominic Stubbins

GDPR: Human Dignity and the Right to an Explanation

Luciano Floridi

Ethics Panel Q&A

Sarah Gates, Luciano Floridi, Jessica Montgomery and Sue Daley

Data Science at the Ministry of Justice

Jonathan Roberts

Harnessing the Power of Data

Claire Thompson

Closing Plenary 2017

Peter Wells

Data vs Insight

Megan Lucero

Spotfire & Beyond

Kate Huish & Justin Sebok

Managing Risk in the Education Sector using Data Science

David Goody

Embedding Analytics at the heart of Marks & Spencer

Pete Williams

AAM Associates and Hull Business School The Analytics of Hunger

Andy Hamflett and Giles Hindle

How to make the Leap to Data Science

David Goody