Beale Lecture 2021

Our 2021 Speaker details will be available soon. 

SAVE THE DATE: 25 February 2021

This FREE event is open to members and non-members of The OR Society, but online registration is compulsory for all attendees. If you have any queries, please contact Sarah Parry on [email protected]

In the meantime, watch last years speaker Beale Medal Winner 22018 Beale Medal award winner, Professor Russell Cheng, Emeritus Professor within Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton. give a talk on "The Enigma of Choice – When is a Good Decision Possible?"

Martin Beale

Memorial Lecture for one of OR's true greats.

The OR Society’s Beale Medal is awarded each year in memory of the late Martin Beale.

Evelyn Martin Lansdowne Beale FRS (8 September 1928 – 23 December 1985) was an applied mathematician and statistician who was one of the pioneers of mathematical programming.

Most of Beale’s papers on particular calculations and on particular techniques are noted by amongst others, The Royal Statistical Society, the ORS and the Royal Society as “substantial contributions to knowledge”

Known as Martin Beale, he is probably best remembered for his constant and active interest in the development of mathematical programming systems for applying optimisation algorithms in OR practice.

He once said of OR, that. “The most important part of Operational Research is educated common sense, and computers have absolutely no common sense”, but he planned his systems so well that this defect of computers was negligible.

He was one of the first scientists to encourage open publication of useful discoveries.

More details can be found in this short biography of Martin Beale.

Previous Beale Lectures

If you have never been to a Beale Lecture or missed a previous lecture, we have listed some of them here.  

Last year we had two great lectures, a short talk from our 2016 PhD winner, Itamar Megiddo, which was followed by our main speaker and 2017 Beale Medal award winner, Mike C Jackson OBE.

We also have many more videos on our YouTube channel.

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The future of OR is present

Mike C Jackson OBE, Emeritus Professor at the University of Hull, gave the 2019 Beale Lecture on The future of OR is present.

View Mike Jackson's lecture here

The fitness and survival of the OR profession in the age of artificial intelligence

Richard Ormerod delivers the Beale Lecture for 2018 on The Fitness and Survival of the OR Profession in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.

View Professor Ormerod's Beale Lecture

Opening talk: Heterogeneous location and pollution-routing problems

Dr Çağri Koç gave the opening talk entitled Heterogeneous Location and Pollution-Routing Problems but, before he did so, President John Hopes presented him with his award.

View Dr Çağri Koç's Beale lecture here