Sponsors of Women in OR and Analytics Launch Event

The OR Society would like to thank the following organisations for their support of the Women in OR Launch Event.


BAE Systems CORDA is a modelling and analysis consultancy with over 35 years’ of experience of providing services to senior decision-makers across the defence, security, transport, energy and health sectors. We have a strong track record of helping our customers to better understand the issues and operational problems they face.

We provide customers, across UK Government and industry, with valuable insights into their business and operational problems using a range of analytical-based services to support their decision making. We are proud to sponsor the Women in OR and Analytics network (WORAN).


The Cardiff University Data Innovation Research Institute (DIRI) is a world-class research-driven institute that aims to solve key challenges faced by both academia and industry as we tackle the growing issue of “big data”. DIRI conducts fundamental research into aspects of the managing, analysing and interpreting massive volumes of textual and numerical data. DIRI is one of eight University flagship research institutes and draws on the expertise of staff from across the University working in the fields of operational research, analytics, AI, data science and related disciplines. Our research findings, combined with our professional partnerships, enable us to develop real-world applications in helping to transform public and private sector organisations we collaborate with.  DIRI is a network of over 100 academic staff and has secured in excess of £12M in research funding and participation in two Doctoral training Centres (Data Intensive Science, and AI) over the last 4 years.  DIRI directors are Professor Paul Harper (OR, School of Mathematics) and Professor Irena Spasic (School of Computer Science)


Lancaster University is proud to be a sponsor of the Women in OR and Analytics Network (WORAN). The university’s Management Science department delivers taught degrees in Operational Research and Analytics and co-leads the Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistics and OR with Industry. These degrees have attracted many talented female students who have achieved great things. Our hope is that WORAN will be able to support women in OR and Analytics to go on to even greater things. 

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Sellafield has been nearly 80 years in the making. A pioneer for the UK’s nuclear industry, it supported national defence, generated electricity for nearly half a century, and developed the ability to safely manage nuclear waste.

Sellafield covers 6 square kilometres and is home to more than 200 nuclear facilities and the largest inventory of untreated nuclear waste in the world.

Today we are faced with the challenge of cleaning-up the legacy of the site’s early operations, including some of the most hazardous nuclear facilities in Europe.

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The University of Southampton is home to CORMSIS, one of the largest and most comprehensive groups of OR/MS/IS researchers in the UK, with over 40 academics. Currently directed by a woman (Dr Christine Currie) and co-founded by one of the most famous female names in OR (Prof Sally Brailsford, the only person to have won the Goodeve Medal three times), CORMSIS can see the real transformative benefits of supporting Women in OR. The University of Southampton holds an Athena Swan Silver award and has a strong commitment to improving gender equality and ensuring fairness for female academics in all STEM subjects, which networks such as this one will help to promote. University of Southampton was ranked 48th in the world and 7th in the UK for Statistics & OR in the QS Rankings 2019. In the most recent QS Ranking for MSc in Business Analytics, we were ranked 12th in the world in terms of Diversity with 30% of our staff and 67% of our students being female. 


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