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Strategy development with Facial Palsy UK

Project summary

The volunteer will work with Facial Palsy UK to help them develop a strategic framework and set out its priorities.  

Project description

Facial palsy is a condition resulting from damage or absence or impairment of the facial nerve that supplies the muscles of facial function and expression. It affects blinking, closing the eye for sleep, eating and drinking, speech, smiling and frowning. 

Facial Palsy UK was set up in 2012, to offer support to the 100,000 people affected by facial palsy due to any cause. Its aims are:

  • To increase awareness of facial palsy and its social, physical, and psychological consequences.
  • To improve the physical and emotional health of adults and children with facial palsy.
  • To promote diagnosis, acute and long-term management and rehabilitation of people living with facial palsy.

The charity has two members of staff and has been successful in developing support, advice and information services via its website and support services through its community of people with facial palsy, parents, family members, friends, and health professionals. However, some of the charity’s growth has been opportunistic, for example in response to the finance available from specific grants. It would be helpful for the charity to set out its priorities more clearly and focus its energies and fundraising on these, rather than try to do too much or spread its resources too thinly.

The charity wishes to take a longer-term, more strategic view of the development of its services, research projects and its efforts to get the facial palsy fully recognised by the NHS as a specific condition (and to develop diagnostic and therapeutic services accordingly).

The volunteer would work with the charity and its trustees to help them develop a strategic framework within which to set out its priorities for service development and research, including a funding strategy to support these priorities. The volunteer would be familiar with strategic planning, decision analysis and decision-making tools.

Project benefits for the organisation

Currently, the diagnosis and treatment services for people in the UK with facial palsy are patchy across the UK and some people are not getting the support and treatment they require. It takes on average 5.6 years from point of diagnosis for a person with facial palsy to reach a specialist. This project will help Facial Palsy UK to set priorities for developing services for people with facial palsy and enable it to set priorities for its work with the NHS and medical research community. 


The project will be undertaken remotely, although one or two face-to-face meetings may be helpful at the beginning and end of the project, depending on the location of the volunteer. 


Time commitment to be determined by volunteer when completing detailed project proposal with Facial Palsy UK

The staff in the organisation expect to be busy from February 2023 and have more time to devote to supporting the project during the autumn of 2022. Ideally, the project will be completed in time for the charity to discuss the new strategy at its AGM in mid-January 2023.

Desired project start date

End-September 2022

Desired project completion date

Mid-January 2023


If you feel you are able to offer your assistance please complete the application form and return along with your CV to [email protected] by Wednesday 17th August 2022.

The OR Society fully supports equal opportunities.


Information about the organisation

Facial Palsy UK’s mission is for every person in the UK affected by facial palsy to be given access to the best information, treatment and support available.

For further information about Facial Palsy UK please visit


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