ANNE Committee Vacancies

ANNE Committee Vacancies

The ANNE Committee is currently recruiting for a Co-Chair and Secretary.

Role description: Co-Chair

The Analyst Network North East / NEORG chair role requires around 5 to 10 days of time per year. This role has been shared since its inception in 2016. This co-chairing arrangement is expected to continue from October 2019.
The expectations of the chair’s role are:

  • Chairing 3 to 4 committee meetings a year;
  • Leading the development and implementation of the committee’s aims and objectives, which are:
    • cultivating the north east’s analyst network;
    • delivery of at least 2 events a year; and
    • facilitating our network’s contribution to regional initiatives to raise aware of analysis and OR in education institutions
  • Acting as the main liaison point between the regional network and the OR Society (this includes attending occasional regional chair meetings in Birmingham at the OR Society).

At least one person in the co-chair role should also be a member of the OR Society.

Role description: Secretary

The ANNE/NEORG secretary role requires up to 5 days of time per year. The expectations of the secretary role are:

  • Supporting the committee chair organise, run and document 3 to 4 committee meetings a year. 

Application process

To apply to the ANNE / NEORG chair / secretary roles, candidates should email their applications to the ANNE email account: [email protected] on or before Friday 13 September. Applications should include:

  • a CV; and
  • Two paragraphs explaining what you will bring to the role.

By default, all applications will be accepted and taken through to the selection process.

Selection process

The chair and secretary roles of the ANNE committee will be selected by vote at the ANNE Annual General Meeting (AGM), currently pencilled in for September. To facilitate this process:

  • Copies of candidate’s CVs and two paragraph’s will be circulated to attendees in advance of the AGM (this will include committee members plus any other network members who expresses an interest in attending the AGM);
  • At the AGM, candidates will be invited to spend up to 5 minutes pitching for the role. Meeting attendees will then have around 5 to 10 minutes to ask questions.
  • We will use a one person one vote system. All voting will be anonymous.
  • Where there are more candidates than posts, i.e. the chair and secretary roles can be filled by up to 2 people, then a knock-out system will apply. E.g. the person receiving the least votes will be eliminated. Attendees will then be invited to vote a second time for the reduced list of candidates. Repeat as many times as necessary.

We anticipate that we will be able to announce our new and elected chair(s) and secretary(s) in the early autumn.