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Management Science seminar series

Speaker: Professor Matthias Ehrgott, Department of Management Science, Lancaster University, UK

Time : 2PM, April 11th 2018

Room: SW 204, Strathclyde Business School

Title: Generating deliverable treatment plans and beam angle optimisation in the presence of multiple objectives in radiotherapy treatment planning

Abstract: External radiation therapy is one of the major forms of treatment of cancer. Planning a radiation treatment for a patient involves making trade-offs between the main goals of radiotherapy, namely to irradiate the tumour according to some prescription to affect tumour control and to avoid damage to surrounding healthy tissue. This conflict permeates all aspects of treatment planning from the selection of beam angles to the optimisation of fluence maps to the sequencing of the gantry for treatment delivery. In this talk I will first describe a matheuristic approach to incorporate multi-objective fluence optimisation in the beam angle optimisation problem. The second part of the talk will cover a column generation approach to the multi-objective fluence map optimisation problem, which achieves a reduction of the number of apertures and total fluence required to deliver a Pareto-optimal treatment.