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The Community OR Network was set up in 1987, as part of the Community OR initiative, in response to a growing interest in the ways in which OR skills can be used to help community groups.

The aim of the network is to facilitate the practice of community OR in order to learn how to best provide effective help to community groups, which are in many ways different from OR’s more ‘traditional’ clients. The network’s main activity is to enable community OR clients to contact OR practitioners willing to provide help on a voluntary basis. To do this, the group maintains a register of members and their particular interests and experience, regularly circulating news of any clients seeking help. The list is open to anyone with an interest in empowering voluntary and community sector groups.

The Community OR Network encourages members to share information, experiences and ideas about working with voluntary and community sector groups and enables these members to support each other. The network meets informally four or five times a year, to exchange progress reports of current work and to discuss general issues arising from projects successfully completed, in the interim, the group periodically emails to distribute information about potential clients, funders and employers.

Committee details

Martha Vahl Chair
A woman and two men in suits pose with OR advertising material in the form of a set of traffic lights and some speech bubbles.

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