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DASIG Energy Sector speaker presentations

The speakers from this event have given permission for their presentations to be published on The OR Society website, and these are now uploaded to the Document Repository.

The presentations are as follows:

  • Nuclear Waste Depository Option Analysis under Uncertainty’
    Professor Jian-Bo Yang , Alliance Manchester Business School
  • ‘Decision Quality for Multicompany Oil & Gas Projects’ - Recent developments in guidance to improve decision quality
    Peter Wood, Shell
  • ‘Decision Analysis in the Renewable Energy Sector’ - Applying OR to marine offshore planning
    Dr. Dylan Jones, University of Portsmouth
  • ‘Optimising an Oil & Gas development’ - A Decision Risk Analysis case study
    Peter Naylor, BG Group
  • ‘Comparative Assessments in Oil & Gas Decommissioning’ - How Decision Analysis principles have been applied in new UK guidelines
    Peter Miles, Catalyze