Apply for Chartered Scientist

The application process is open to all, but still at ‘beta’ stage. Please apply only if you are willing to act as a ‘beta-tester’ for the new systems and processes. This site will be relaunched once any inadequacies have been identified and ironed out.

To apply, go to the portal on the Science Council website and follow the instructions. The application is in two stages. At stage 1, you are asked to provide basic information (including the names of two ‘supporters’ who can vouch for your professional achievement) which is then individually reviewed by Science Council staff to check your eligibility. If they are satisfied, you will be invited to continue to Stage 2, submitting a full application which will be reviewed by professional chartered scientists/OR Society members trained as assessors.

At stage 2, you will be able to choose between fully online application, and a mix of on-line and face-to-face interview. If you choose the latter, there is an additional fee and it may take longer to arrange.

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