Registered Scientist (RSci)

Becoming a Registered Scientist

Applicants for RSci will need to demonstrate competence across fie areas. Guidance on what the assessors will be looking for under each competence is provided in a RSci guidance document.

Registration with the Science Council (via The OR Society) is a great step on your professional journey towards chartership, and provides broad recognition for the professional capabilities of operational researchers, analysts and data scientists in the UK.

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Continuing Professional Development

Registered Scientists are required to demonstrate that they are undertaking sufficient continuing professional development each year to maintain their competence. This requires undertaking a range of activities, documenting it, and documenting its contribution to competence. More detail on standard requirements and examples are on the Science Council website. You may also be interested in further information on Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Code of Conduct

Registered Scientists are required to abide by the OR Society code of conduct, which helps endorse your integrity and professional ethics; and accept a disciplinary code to enforce this.