Tue, June 25, 2024


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Advancing Homelessness Services: A Spotlight on PIEPR and the 999 Club Projects

Small Charity Week is a campaign designed to empower the UK’s small charities, enabling them to tackle challenges and make a greater impact on society. Since we launched this scheme in 2011, our volunteers have completed 150 pro bono projects, significantly helping charities by applying analytical methods to address some of their key challenges.

Many small charities face funding challenges. Most third-sector organisations are small; 92% of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) members have an income under £1 million so have access to free professional services can be invaluable.

Homelessness Services: A Spotlight on PIEPR and the 999 Club Projects

Addressing homelessness requires innovative and compassionate approaches, as exemplified by two standout projects: PIEPR and the 999 Club. These initiatives are pivotal in shaping the future of homelessness services in the UK through Psychologically Informed Environments (PIEs) and efficient volunteer management, respectively. Both projects are currently seeking skilled volunteers to drive their missions forward, providing an excellent opportunity for individuals to contribute to meaningful change. Advancin

PIEPR: Pioneering Psychologically Informed Environments

PIEPR, a newly established Community Interest Company (CIC), is at the forefront of promoting Psychologically Informed Environments (PIEs). This approach, now endorsed by all four UK governments, is recognised as an effective solution to homelessness. PIEPR aims to expand its reach and influence, transforming more environments to support social well-being and address the root causes of homelessness.

PIEPR's immediate goals include establishing credibility with funders and managing growth effectively. To achieve these aims, they need to transition from a volunteer-run organisation to a professionally funded team. This transformation is crucial for supporting ongoing development, research, and promotion of PIEs in frontline services.

The project requires assistance in structuring their ambitions into a cohesive strategy. This involves engaging with multiple stakeholders to test revenue opportunities, identifying potential partners, and managing the risks associated with rapid growth. Volunteers with strategic planning and business development expertise are crucial for helping PIEPR prioritise their business focus areas and secure necessary funding.

Securing funding and establishing a robust strategic framework will enable PIEPR to support more organisations in creating nurturing environments for vulnerable individuals. This support will help put PIEPR on the map, allowing the potential of the PIE approach to be fully realised and benefiting countless individuals experiencing homelessness.

The 999 Club: Enhancing Volunteer Efficiency in Deptford

Located in Deptford, South-East London, the 999 Club is a small charity making a significant impact on local people in crisis. With over 60 dedicated volunteers, they provide essential services ranging from meals and mental health support to women’s services through their Women’s Sanctuary.

The 999 Club seeks an Operational Research (OR) volunteer to enhance the effectiveness of their volunteer program. This involves assessing current volunteer coordination processes, including recruitment, communication, and rota management. The goal is to streamline these processes to allow the charity to allocate their time and resources more efficiently.

While the project would benefit from on-site observation and documentation in Deptford, it can also be conducted remotely if necessary. This flexibility ensures that the volunteer can provide valuable insights and recommendations regardless of their location.

By improving the efficiency of the volunteer program, the 999 Club can better support those experiencing homelessness. Enhanced volunteer coordination will directly influence the charity’s ability to provide timely and effective assistance to those in need, ultimately making a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals.

How to Get Involved

Both PIEPR and the 999 Club offer unique opportunities for volunteers to make a tangible impact. If you have the skills and enthusiasm your involvement could help shape the future of homelessness services in the UK, providing much-needed support to those who need it most. Your expertise and dedication can drive meaningful change and help create a more compassionate and effective response to homelessness.

If you can help with either of these projects please complete the application form by Wednesday, 26 June 2024 via our website at: Open Pro Bono Projects - The OR Society