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The OR Society - Webinars

Who do you think you are?

Exploring identity as an O.R. professional

Frances O’Brien, University of Warwick

Wednesday 16 September 2015, 5pm-6pm

Who do you think you are?  When you talk to other people about what you do, how do you describe your role?  Do you see yourself as an O.R. professional with a strong sense of professional identity?  Is your sense of identity linked to the type of work you do and the experiences you've had throughout your life?  If you haven't thought about it much, this webinar will give you a great opportunity to explore what influences who you think you are.  The webinar will be a practical session with opportunities to reflect on your career choices, the type of work you have undertaken and how this has influenced your perception of who you are professionally.  There will be a mixture of exercises to help you map out the path of experiences that influence your identity as well as opportunities to share your experiences with others, some of whom may have had quite different experiences to you or be at different stages in their careers.

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