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Wellbeing at work Dr Jo Yarker 21/06/2022 1.00  
Improve employee wellbeing with Microsoft Viva Insights Jasminder Thind 21/06/2022 1.10  
UK Systems Society Virtual 22 nd UKSS International Conference UK Systems Society 08/06/2022 1.10  
Joint WORAN and People Analytics SIG event on gender pay gap Sheema Noorain 08/06/2022 1.10  
People Analytics SIG - Wellbeing at Work meeting programme Catriona Smith 08/06/2022 1.00  
People Analytics in Smaller Organisations - slidepack Ashwini Uthrapathi Shakila 05/05/2022 1.00  
Reinvigorating Soft OR 2022 John Ranyard, John Hopes and Emma Murray 21/04/2022 1.30  
Working in People Analytics - Application of People Analytics in Smaller Organisations Katie Gronow 29/03/2022 1.10  
Giving Structure to Unstructured Healthcare Workforce Documents Using Natural Language Processing Jerome Wynne and Siôn Cave, DAS-Ltd 09/11/2021 1.00  
People Analytics SIG - 2021 AGM Catriona Smith 28/07/2021 1.00  

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