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Getting the best out of Forecasting Software Robert Fildes and Nikos Kourentzes 13/12/2018 1.0  
Modelling the Northern Powerhouse - report Aidan Cross 03/12/2018 1.0  
Analytics Network Winter Event Full slides Colin Stewart, Kasia Kulma, Ines Marusic, Thinh Ha 29/11/2018 1.0  
Data Driven HR Hazel Challenger 29/11/2018 1.0  
Modelling the Northern Powerhouse - slides Aidan Cross 29/11/2018 1.0  
Early intervention foundation work on gang and youth violence Tom McBride 23/11/2018 1.0  
Prison Fellowship - Restorative Justice Programme Alison Browne 23/11/2018 1.0  
NEWtoOR2019 KEY DATES (PDF) NEWCTTEE 13/11/2018 1.0  
Measuring impact: sources of information Amy Hughes 01/11/2018 1.0  
Relations With Funders Event: Ruth Kaufman's Presentation Ruth Kaufman 26/10/2018 1.0  

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