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Inside O.R. October 2012 Various 25/09/2012 1.0  
Robust Optimisation with Xpress-Mosel A. Harrison, P. Belotti, Y. Colombani, Z. Csizmadia, S. Heipcke, S. Lannez 06/08/2015 1.0  
SW18 Verification&Validation (V&V) Tutorial A.R and P.G. A.Robinson & P.Glover 28/03/2018 1.0  
Modelling the Northern Powerhouse - report Aidan Cross 03/12/2018 1.0  
Modelling the Northern Powerhouse - slides Aidan Cross 29/11/2018 1.0  
Process Simulation to Improve Custody Throughput Alan Jackson 24/02/2014 1.0  
Alberto Franco presents Group Decision Making Alberto Franco 13/09/2018 1.0  
Launch of the Problem Structuring Methods Study Group Alberto Franco, Mike Cushman 25/05/2005 1.0  
The Aqua Book, Implications for Defence Analysi Alec Waterhouse, Paul Pearce, Nick Harris 24/06/2015 1.0  
It’s a dog’s life: when OR meets canine welfare Alessandro Arbib 02/03/2015 1.0  

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