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CJS Demand Forecasting Alex Dunnett 26/06/2017 1.0  
System Dynamics at Capgemini Alex Galezowski 19/09/2007 1.0  
Applying a Design Process to a Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Unit: The Role of Systems Modelling and Simulation Alexander Komashie 24/03/2015 1.0  
Assessing Excel VBA Suitability for Monte Carlo Simulation Alexei Botchkarev 29/03/2015 1.0  
Estimating the Accuracy of the Return on Investment (ROI) Performance Evaluations Alexei Botchkarev 29/01/2015 1.0  
Using financial modelling for integrated healthcare databases Alexei Botchkarev, Peter Andru 05/05/2008 1.0  
Prison Fellowship - Restorative Justice Programme Alison Browne 23/11/2018 1.0  
Systems Approaches for Continuous Improvement Amanda Gregory, Hull University 16/04/2013 1.0  
A Methodology to Evaluate the Usability of Digital Socialization in ‘Virtual’ Engineering Design Amjad El-Tayeh, Nuno Gil, Jim Freeman 17/09/2007 1.0  
Careers Open Day 2019 Reg Fast Track Form Amy Hughes 01/11/2019 1.00  

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