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Why Good Simulations Go Bad Barry L. Nelson 01/04/2014 1.0  
Futures Methods and their use in Strategic Analysis Ben Bolland 05/08/2002 1.0  
Applications of O.R. - Performance Analysis Ben Ludford 23/06/2014 1.0  
Health Analytics Bethan Mackay (EY) 15/05/2018 1.0  
The Older Person’s Listening Project Bethan Smith 20/02/2017 1.0  
ERC - Roles & Responsibilities: ESRC Brian Dangerfield 24/07/2013 1.0  
Improving regional policing: a review of protective services. Undertaking an audit of a method of analysis using soft systems methodology Brian Wilson and Kees van Haperen 12/10/2009 1.0  
“Causal”-loop diagram to investigate compromises with the NHS Balanced Scorecard Brijesh Patel 13/10/2004 1.0  
Beale Lecture 2018 Opening Talk, HeterogeneousLocation-andPollution-Routing Problems, Çagri Koç 08/03/2018 1.0  
Applying Design Principles and Problem Structuring Methods to the Design of Public Policy Camilla Buchanan and Rob Solly 01/04/2015 1.0  

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