Talk flyer: Just messing about with models: experience as an OR practitioner


Life as a practitioner is full of interesting questions: how do you start off negotiations with a new client? How do you get to grips with the client's business area and problem fast? How to decide on the most appropriate approach to take/model to use and how to persuade the client that your model will help to solve their problems? What do you do if the client doesn’t think an analytical approach will help or even if the client doesn’t realise that they have a problem? How best to manage client expectations and relationships? And finally, how best to finish off an assignment to everyone’s satisfaction? These issues will be addressed via a selection of consultancy projects and there will be time for discussion on any aspect of working as an OR practitioner. Simulation was also used, to investigate the dynamic between the availability of lifeboats, the utilisation of lifeboats and the response times to incidents when modelling the deployment of life boats to incidents around the coast of Wales, England and Ireland.


Jane Parkin

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