The Systematic Literature Review of Positive Interventions For University Students


Positive Psychology has pursued many Positive Psychology Interventions to explore Positive Well being. Evidence-based research has focused upon two very distinguishable areas of well being such as Eudaimonic well being (cultivating meaning, self-actualisation, existing in accordance to one’s authentic self). However past evidence based research identifies the acknowledgement of student Positive well being but little research has been conducted in collaboration of Eudaimonic Interventions and Hedonic Interventions with positive interventions to cultivate optimal levels of student well being. The purpose of this Systematic Literature Review is to add value to current research by understanding the process of positive change within student well being in the context of analysing past ten years of evidence-base research within Positive Psychology Interventions. The research method adapted a Systematic Literature Review with a PRISMA- Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses, to determine optimal Positive well being amongst students. The findings from the Systematic Literature add to the value of Eudaimonic well being and hedonic well being discussion within Positive Psychology is a meaningful attribution to optimal student well being.


Fizza Shah

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