Ethical Dilemmas in Everyday Practice


This talk was presented at EURO2018 in the 'Making an Impact' Stream. Ethical practice is important if practitioners are to retain the trust of their clients as well as their own self-respect. There are a number of codes of practice available for anybody who wants guidance on this. But even for the most ethical practitioner, real life can sometimes throw up ethical dilemmas, or tempt us into imperfect behaviour: perhaps fulfilling our contract obligations may require turning a blind eye to unethical conduct from the client; or the client does not want to engage with the caveats around our analysis; or we want to convince the client to employ us even where the work area is new to us, to name just a few situations where a purist approach may result in no OR work happening at all. This presentation introduces the ethical dilemmas that can arise in everyday OR. It is intended to encourage people engaged in practical OR to reflect on their own practice and to share learning and ideas with others, so that they may be better equipped to make good choices in future


Ruth Kaufman

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