LINKAGE TWO: Second edition of a newsletter concerned with inter-organisational relations in providing community services


This file reproduces the content of the second edition of the LINKAGE newsletter, published by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in association with a three year IOR research programme of research on inter-organisational relations in the provision of community services funded by the UK Social Science Research Council between 1975 and 1978. This issue opens with a review of responses to the first issue by Bill Ogden, the chair of the programme steering committee, who had recently retired from a senior civil service position as Chief Planning Officer for the West Midlands Region of the Department of the Environment. The content of LINKAGE TWO includes reports from members of the research team on progress so far in their study of different models of area co-ordination in the Strathclyde Region of Scotland; on the relationships between top-down and bottom-up perspectives of policy development; and on the planning of local services for the elderly. Topics of other contributions range from integrated rural development in Mexico to development of employment services in Coventry, while the issue concludes with brief progress reports appear on other concurrent IOR projects.


William Ogden, John Friend, Eric Miller, Adrian Noad, Leslie King, Barry Cornish, John Temple, Michael Norris

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