Teaching Resources

We would like to make it as easy as possible for teachers to find high-quality STEM and OR resources which they can make use of in their classrooms and clubs. To that end, we've collated a range of resources here in our resources centre.

'What is Operational Research?' Full Feature

This 17-minute feature answers the big question 'What is Operational Research' by exploring a series of real-world case studies.

Eight great OR games

The teachers' resources section of the TES website hosts a number of fun games created by the OR Society to communicate OR techniques. There are eight, including:

  • Playing with Lego (Linear Programming)
  • Snakes and Ladders (Algorithms)
  • Let's go to the Theatre (Bin-Packing)
  • Cooking Bolognese (Critical Path Analysis)

and more!

The OR Society on TES teachers' resources website

The 'ORigin Story' animation

This short and highly engaging animation tells the history of operational research and its origins in the first and second world wars, when maths was used not only to improve operations but to save lives.

External resources and games

These resources are based on various OR techniques provided by non-OR Society providers. They include games, magazines and KS3 resources.

External Resources

'Patrick Blackett - Draw my life' animation

Our 'Draw My Life' animation about Lord Patrick Blackett, a true pioneer of operational research whose work has transformed many areas of scientific understanding.