Bart Baesens

Bart Baesens

BART BAESENS is a Lecturer (Assistant professor), School of Management, University of Southampton who considers himself to be an applied researcher, where he has used selected quantitative information system (IS) research methods, as well as some quantitative IS research methods.

Bart’s research interests have been in customer relationship management (CRM), information systems, business intelligence (BI) and machine learning has allowed him to keep foot into the basic research side of BI (mainly computer science) and the applied BI side (mainly the business and management information systems communities).

Bart has developed credit scorecards for financial institutions (e.g. Axa, Dexia, KBC, Fortis, ING) customer retention models for retailing companies (e.g. Neckermann and Hubo), as well as web-intelligence models for e-commerce companies (e.g. Proxis and Under the Cork).

This research has resulted in a number of publications in high-quality journals and/or conferences.

Bart has also obtained a number of best-speaker awards when presenting his key findings (ef.infra). He is also regularly invited to organise courses, seminars and/or special sessions on business intelligence for international conferences or universities.