Dr Giles Hindle

Giles Hindle

DR GILES HINDLE is a Senior Lecturer at Hull University Business School, a Senior Associate at Tiger Solutions Ltd, and a Teaching Fellow at Warwick Business School.

He has combined an academic career with consulting practice. Prior posts include Assistant Professor at Warwick Business School, Director of Health Consultancy Services Ltd, Senior OR Consultant for Tribal Consulting plc and Honorary Lecturer at Lancaster University Management School.

Giles has research, consulting and teaching experience with both quantitative and qualitative approaches and has practiced in both the public and private sectors. He has conducted consultancy and research projects for a wide range of clients including the NHS Scottish Executive, County Councils Network, Secta Health Group, Countryside Agency, Department for Transport, Department for Health in N. Ireland, Network Rail plc, Tornado Wire Ltd, Northern Hi-Tec Ltd, and many others.

Giles is an award winning teacher on the Warwick MBA and has developed innovative analytics masters courses for the universities of Warwick and Hull.

He is co-secretary of the Operational Research Society’s Special Interest Group in Problem Structuring Methods, and a member of the Centre for Systems Studies at the University of Hull. He has specialist knowledge in soft systems thinking and quantitative modelling which he has practiced in both strategic and operational contexts.

His current research is focussed on systems modelling, soft systems methodology, spatial modelling and service innovation.