KD Tocher Medal

The KD Tocher Medal is awarded in recognition of the most outstanding contribution to the philosophy, theory or practice of simulation published in the Journal of Simulation within the relevant two year period.

This award is named in memory of KD Tocher, who made a significant contribution to the field of discrete-event simulation by developing the basis on which much modern software is built via his General Simulation Program. He is the author of “The Art of Simulation” (1963), a formative book in the field.

Professor KD Tocher

Professor KD Tocher

Citation for Tocher Medal 2017

J Xu, E Huang, L Hsieh, L H Lee and Q Jia, C Chen

Simulation optimization in the era of Industrial 4.0 and the Industrial Internet

Journal of Simulation, (2016) 10 (4), 310-320


The paper exploits simulation in a "frontier" topic, Industry 4.0, offering [once again] a distinctively powerful tool for decision makers in organizations across the globe. The authors' approach leverages the increased data available with Industry 4.0, optimization techniques and computing power with a blend of simulation models of different granularity ["fidelity", in the author's terminology] to enable smart decisions in an industrial context. The paper explains the context showing simulation becoming increasingly relevant to Industry 4.0 and is well written and presented.

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