OR62: our next Annual Conference

Each year, our annual conference brings the UK and international OR community together under one roof.

This three-day event mixes academics and practitioners to create an extraordinary environment for cross-pollination of thought, approach and technique.

The conference creates opportunities for:

  • staying current with the latest developments in OR and analytics
  • networking with big names, peers and early careers people
  • knowledge-sharing and profile-building through presenting work
  • building skills at workshops such as the Making an Impact stream

Looking ahead to OR62

OR62, planned for September 2020, is the place to come and learn about how OR and analytics are transforming the workplace through delivering productivity improvements.

Our most recent conference was OR61 at the University of Kent in Canterbury:

Click here for OR61 Annual Conference

From recent annual conferences:

Kernel Search: A General Heuristic Approach to MILP Problems

Professor Grazia Speranza, IFORS President, treated OR61 to a highly detailed plenary on Kernel Searches (KS), a “general and simple” heuristic framework for the solution of MILP problems.

Grazia Speranza at OR61

Optimising the Teaching of OR

OR61 began with a dynamic, uplifting and amusing opening plenary from Professor Erhan Erkut, Vice Rector of MEF University, Istanbul, on ‘Optimising the Teaching of OR’.

Erhan Erkut on education at OR61

The Transformative Discipline for the 21st Century

OR60, our Diamond Anniversary conference, was launched with a plenary from Professor Anna Nagurney, who is the John F Smith Memorial Professor in the Department of Operations and Information Management in the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Anna Nagurney speaks at OR60

40 years of engagement with ‘social’ and ‘management’ science, including OR ‘hard’ and ‘soft’

Peter Checkland delivers a Parthian shot upon retiring from operational research at OR60.

Peter Checkland's message to OR60

New challenges for operational research in the age of AI and big data

At OR60, John Hopes discusses how innovation creates new disciplines, such as analytics, data science and AI which overlap with one-another and with established disciplines such as operational research, statistics and computer science.

John Hopes at OR60