OR61 Information for Stream Organisers, Speakers, Poster presenters

Stream Organisers

Stream Organisers should also read the Information for Presenters and Keynote Speakers, below.


It is not compulsory to produce a full paper in order to present at the conference. Please find below Information for Presenters.

Keynote Speakers

Please find below Information for Keynote Speakers Producing a Written Paper. This should also be read by Stream Organisers.

The OR Society is unable to pay for Keynote speakers to attend the conference.


At OR61, we invite both practitioners and academics to display posters that highlight the application of OR and the impact their work has achieved. Posters can be from any OR discipline. The content of posters is expected to be beyond the idea or proposal stage and should focus on the application of OR and how it made an impact. The methodology and results should also be included, as well as a description of what impact was achieved and how.

This is an opportunity to share your work to a wide audience, have conversations with a diverse audience and build networks for future collaborations.

The posters will be displayed throughout the three days of the conference. On Wednesday 4 Sept 2019, there will be a poster presentation session where authors will each give a 3-minute talk on their poster. Authors will also be asked to attend their posters on this day, during lunch and coffee breaks, to discuss them with other attendees and answer questions.

Please find below Poster Guidelines and information:

Poster Guidelines for MAI Poster Presenters