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Eduardo Contreras - [email protected]
Nav Musafee - [email protected]

Applications in Strategic Issues


Martin Kunc - [email protected]

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The last decade has seen the rapid growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Not only has this area become a key concern for modern businesses and organisations, but also for society more generally as we see AI/ML being used in medicine, health, criminal justice, social care, and financial domains. This stream welcomes contributions that consider a broad range of applications, opportunities, and issues arising from the growth in AI/ML. In particular, we invite talks covering:
- organisational benefits and challenges of implementing AI/ML applications
- ethical issues arising in AI/ML development and use
- the use of AI/ML in OR projects
- novel applications of AI/ML
- AI/ML development approaches (e.g., development methodologies, methods, techniques)
- the potential for OR methods to contribute to the development and use of AI/ML
- implications of AI/ML for OR practice and the OR community

Richard Vidgen - [email protected] 
Shakeel Khan - [email protected]
Michael Mortenson - [email protected] 
Mathias Kern - [email protected]

Behavioural OR

Behavioural OR (BOR) aims at benefits to OR of comparable impact and magnitude as the behavioural work from the likes of Simon—who sometimes wore the hat of an operational researcher—followed up by Kahneman and Gigerenzer, has made to fields such as economics, healthcare and policy. Virtually all areas of OR can benefit from behavioural insights, with traditional areas having done so including decision analysis, simulation, system dynamics, supply chain management, and so on. The BOR stream at OR61 welcomes contributions from both academics and practitioners.  


Konstantinos Katsikopoulos - [email protected]

Combinatorial Optimisation


Andrew Parkes - [email protected]
Ender Ozcan - [email protected]

Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and its Applications

This stream covers the theme of efficiency and productivity analysis and performance management. Both parametric and non-parametric studies will be considered. We especially welcome talks on the theory, methodology and application of Data Envelopment Analysis and econometric methods in performance management. Of particular interest are successful applications of performance and efficiency analysis in the real world, for example in banking, healthcare, education, transportation, Energy, and so on.

Ali Emrouznejad  -  [email protected]
Adel Hatamimarbini - [email protected]

Disaster Management


Vahid Akbarighadikolaei - [email protected]



Devon Barrow - [email protected]

Information Systems

New developments in Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence rely on digital devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) that are in continuous use and are capable of monitoring the minutiae of our lives while have a significant impact on how organisations operate and perform. Huge quantities of real time data are generated and processed through pre-determined algorithms that provide the information that many decision makers depend on in order to efficiently and effectively manage the various operations across enterprises. However, the quality of the information that is produced by these algorithms is contingent on the quality of the information systems and their data. Therefore, embedding sophisticated analytics efforts and simulation models into the everyday work of the business operations requires integration with the processes and information systems that support them combined with changing the behavior of the people who perform that work.

Motivated by a symbiotic relationship, this collaborative stream between the Operational Research Society and the UK Academy for Information Systems seeks contributions that examine the relationships between information systems and operational research for the benefit of individuals, organisations and/or wider society. The stream’s topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Algorithmic decision making and people
  • Big data analytics and operations management
  • Big data and Internet of Things in organisations
  • Business analytics and business value
  • Business Intelligence in Health Care
  • Co-creating and capturing business value from IT
  • Cognitive computing to maximise operational performance
  • Information sharing and big data analytics in operational research
  • Information Systems across the supply chain
  • Machine learning and analytics
  • Managing big data projects across business operations
  • Robot process automation
  • Strategic and change management issues stemming from big data analytics


Dimitra Skoumpopoulou - [email protected]

Locational Analysis


Nader Azizi - [email protected]
Garcia Quiles Sergio - [email protected]


The simulation stream welcomes submissions from all areas of simulation methodology and practise. All simulation methods will be considered including discrete event simulation, system dynamics, agent based simulation, hybrid simulation etc. Topics of interest include but are not limited to Simulation on the Cloud, Simulation Software and Technology, Parallel and Distributed Simulation PADS and Simulation methodology and its translation into practice. We are also keen to receive case studies that demonstrate the benefits of simulation in practice in all areas.


Masoud Fakhimi - [email protected]

Sustainable Development Goals


Honora Smith - [email protected]
Paola Scaparra - [email protected]

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Sustainability has now become an integral part of supply chain management given the increased demand from a wide range of stakeholder groups for organisations to better manage their supply chains and operation functions in a more responsible manner. The field of OR has provided the opportunity, past and present, to address pressing organisational and industrial challenges such as transitioning to a more sustainable supply chain. This stream provides an opportunity for both researchers and practitioners to share recent advances in the field of OR in Sustainable Supply Chain Management SSCM. We welcome areas dealing with methodological, applications, contextual, analytical and developmental issues of OR in SSCM.


Masoud Fakhimi - [email protected]
Lampros Stergioulas - [email protected]

Systems Thinking


Gerald Midgely - [email protected]

Teaching OR & Business Analytics

This stream is concerned with all aspects of teaching and learning Operational Research, Business Analytics and Statistics. 

We welcome any submissions that can contribute to the discussion on how ‘best’ to help students understand, develop and engage in learning and development of skills within these subject realms.  This includes teaching cases, using/teaching with software, innovative teaching methods, teaching large/small classes, ‘flipping the classroom’, distance learning, novel applications, teaching with simulations, effective assessments, maths/statistics anxiety, collaboration with industry and practice, company training, links with schools, student projects, etc...


Kathryn Hoad - [email protected]