37th International Symposium on Military Operational Research

ISMOR is an annual international symposium sponsored by the UK Ministry of Defence which offers a unique opportunity to spend four days exploring the application of analysis to practical issues in defence and security with a wide range of colleagues from across the world.

Themes for 2020 may include:

  • Expanding OR – hard situations requiring soft analysis (such as the Grey Zone). Taking uncertainty to a new level – and providing insights to tackle it.
  • Efficiency and value for money – how can we help decision makers do more with less?
  • Modelling and Simulation for military operations – what models do we need and how do we develop and use them?

As well as inspiring experienced practitioners with new approaches and providing informal testing of ideas, ISMOR offers excellent development for early career analysts.

ISMOR is being managed by The OR Society with the Defence Special Interest Group of the society playing a key role.


Here are five good reasons why you should attend:

  • Analysis of real-world defence and security problems explored in engaging presentations
  • Multiple masterclasses and workshops from leading experts
  • A dynamic poster session
  • The chance to present your work in front of a respected audience
  • A unique opportunity to network with global defence professionals.
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ISMOR is delivered in partnership with: