Non-society or partner events

The OR Society may endorse, sponsor or support conferences and events without being responsible for the organisation or running of these events. This page is for signposting our members to these events, and also to any others which we consider to be particularly relevant or beneficial to the membership.

Connect to Collaborate: Transitions towards Connected Places

23 May 2019


This interactive and interdisciplinary event seeks to develop and apply our joint expertise to identify opportunities for collaboration to accelerate technological, behavioural and institutional transitions towards sustainable connected places.

The 5-7pm session is entirely OR-focused and the rest of the day will help with linking OR-related activity to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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UKRI Circular Economy workshop

5 June 2019, Manchester
21 June 2019, London

The meetings aim to bring together the respective research and innovation communities with an interest in Circular Economy, and to strengthen collaboration to enable greater interdisciplinary working.

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10th European Decision Sciences Conference

2 – 5 June 2019

Connectivity is a defining characteristic of the world in the 21st century and provides the backdrop theme for EDSI 2019. Advances in IT and communications technologies, combined with the all-pervasive access to  information, offer almost unlimited opportunities to individuals, societies, businesses, institutions, and government. However, our information-rich, connected world is generating many new problems and challenges. We are in a transition phase in seeking to adapt to the ‘anywhere, anytime, any device’ world. We need to rethink and re-examine the conceptual models, the decision patterns, the networks (both physical and virtual), and the  behaviours that have guided us thus far in order to provide knowledge and guidance relevant to researchers, managers and policy makers to navigate the future. 

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Induction Course for New Lecturers in the Mathematical Sciences 2019

18 – 19 September 2019


The Induction Course for New Lecturers in the Mathematical Sciences has been designed by the mathematics community so that it is ideally suited for anyone who is new to or has limited experience teaching mathematics or statistics within UK higher education.

IMA Course for New Lecturers

Validate AI Conference

5 November 2019

Royal Society, London

Artificial intelligence (AI) is critical to UK and global economic growth. This conference presents you with not only case study-based challenges but also examines tools and methods to help you find the solutions you need.

Validate AI Conference 2019