2019 April Inside OR

This month, John Hopes gives important headlines for where the society is going and how it plans to get there; Nigel Cummings reminds us of Bill Gates’ startlingly accurate predictions – and those yet to be realised; and Professor Mike C Jackson overturns pessimistic appraisals of the state of OR at the recent Beale Lecture, in his lecture The future of OR is present.

Leader: 2019 business plan and budget

It is that time of year when our business plan and budget for 2019 have been finalised and our annual report for 2018 is being fine-tuned. This prompts thoughts of the interrelationship between finance and strategy and the steps we need to take to maintain The OR Society’s financial strength. The OR Society has, for many years, been in the enviable position of ...

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Beale 2019 - Mike C Jackson OBE “The future of OR is present”

This year’s Beale lecture was given by Beale medal winner 2017 Prof Mike C Jackson OBE, Emeritus Professor at the University of Hull. The title of his lecture was The future of OR is present.

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The What, Who, Why, When and How do I sign up? for an exciting new PSM course

Problem structuring methods (PSM) provide a series of practical approaches, using the principal soft OR methods, which can tackle the more strategic problems of organisations. There are three well-established soft-OR methods: Soft Systems Methodology (SSM), the Strategic Choice Approach (SCA), and Strategic Options Development and Analysis (SODA/Journey-Making). Each incorporates problem structuring as an important element of the method and this course will...

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