Open Funding Calls

If you are aware of funding calls not currently included, please let us know via the form on this page

Royal Society Wolfson Fellowship

Closing date 10 July 2019

PETRAS National Centre of Excellence: 1st Strategic Research Fund (SRF) Call for Expressions of Interes

Expression of Interest 15 July 2019

EPSRC-NSFC Call in Sustainable Power Supply

Expression of Interest by 23 July 2019

Innovate UK Smart Grants: April 2019

Closing date 24 July 2019

People at the Heart of Software Engineering - Invitation for Proposals

Closing date 24 July 2019

Hubs for Mathematical Sciences in Healthcare

Closing date 25 July 2019

ESTC-Secondary Data Analysis Initiative (SDAI)

Closing date 31 July 2019

ESRC-Open Research Area (ORA) for the Social Sciences 2019

Closing date 31 July 2019

Tackling global development challenges through physical sciences research

Closing date 20 August 2019

Landscape Decisions mathematical and statistical challenges - Second call

Closing date 10 September 2019

Research Funding Scheme: Health Grant

Closing date September 2019

Canada-UK Artificial Intelligence Initiative: building competitive and resilient economies and societies through responsible AI

Closing date 12 September 2019

Security for all in an AI enabled society - future call for proposals

Closing date 8 October 2019

UKRI Strength in Places Fund Wave 2

Closing date 9 Oct 2019

National Research Facility Statements of Community Need

Closing date 30 October 2019

Discipline hopping in information and communication technologies

No closing date

EPSRC fellowships

No closing date

Healthcare Technologies: Call for Investigator-Led Research Projects

No closing date

Health Research Fellowship Award

Social Care Research Fellowship Award

Clinical Research Time Award

Preparatory access through PRACE

Research Grants

Transformative Healthcare Technologies for 2050

Closing Date: 27 August 2019