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Kevin Glazebrook

Name: Kevin Glazebrook  

Occupational Title: Distinguished Professor in Operational Research


Research Interests: Stochastic dynamic programming, machine learning, multi-armed bandits, industry-facing research at the OR/statistics interface, air transport applications.

Keywords: Dynamic Programming; Markov Processes; Transport

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Kerem Akartunali

Name: Dr Kerem Akartunali

Occupational Title: Associate Professor in Management Science


Research Interests: Optimization, in particular integer programming and network optimization, and their applications, such as lot sizing, radiation treatment planning, offshore windfarm logistics, airline and maritime scheduling.

Keywords: Optimization; Integer Programming; Networks & Graphs

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Name: Thomas Archibald

Occupational Title: Professor of Business Modelling, University of Edinburgh Business School

Email: T.Archibald [at]

Research Interests: Stochastic modelling particularly applied to supply chain management and retail operations. Applications of dynamic programming and Markov decision processes.

Keywords: Dynamic Programming; Supply Chain; Inventory

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Julia Bennell

Name: Julia Bennell

Occupational Title: Prof of Management Science. Deputy Head of Southampton Business School


Research Interests: Combinatorial Optimisation problems, in particular cutting and packing problems, scheduling problems and transportation problems.

Keywords: Optimisation; Transport; Resource utilisation

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Name: Juergen Branke

Occupational Title: Professor of Operational Research and Systems

Email: juergen.branke [at]


Research Interests: Metaheuristics, Bayesian optimisation, optimisation under uncertainty, multi-objective optimisation and decision making, simulation optimisation, scheduling, logistics, machine learning

Keywords: Metaheuristics; Evolutionary Algorithms; Multi-objective; Vehicle Routing

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Name: Alistair Clark

Occupational Title: Associate Professor in Operational Research and Faculty Director of Research

Email: Alistair.Clark [at]


Research Interests: My research interests centre on the development of models and heuristic methods for problems of resources planning and scheduling. Such problems are often highly complex and can be solved to optimality for only very small instances. As a result approximate models and solution methods are developed suitable for operational use making use of integer programming and metaheuristic approaches.

Keywords: Production; Scheduling; Logistics; Developing Countries

Christine Currie

Name: Dr Christine Currie

Occupational Title: Associate Professor in Mathematical Sciences


Research Interests: My research falls on the stochastic side of OR, with specific interests in simulation input/output analysis, healthcare, infectious disease modeling and revenue management.

Keywords: Decision Analysis, Simulation, Revenue management, Healthcare modelling

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Jacek Gondzio

Name: Professor Jacek Gondzio

Occupational Title: Professor of Optimisation


Research Interests: Linear programming, non-linear programming, large scale optimisation, parallel computing

Keywords: Linear Programming; Non-Linear Programming; Optimization

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Name: Professor Paul Harper

Title: Professor of OR

Organisation: Cardiff University

Email: harper [at]


Research interests: Stochastic OR, including queueing theory, simulation methods, optimisation, and game theory; Modelling of healthcare systems; Modelling for the prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases; Machine learning and data mining techniques

Keywords: Queueing; Simulation; Health Services; Behavioural OR

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Name: Emma Hart

Occupational title: Professor

Email: e.hart [at]


Research Interests: Lifelong-learning in the context of (1) optimisation methods that continually improve over time through experience and adapt to changing characteristics, and (2) optimisation and learning in swarm robotics, using bio-inspired approaches to generate, improve and adapt algorithms on the fly.

Keywords: Optimisation; Evolutionary Algorithms; Metaheuristics; Combinatorial Optimisation

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Portrait of Gilberto Montibeller

Name: Gilberto Montibeller

Occupational title: Professor of Management Science

Email: g.montibeller [at]


Research Interests: Cognitive aspects of risk and decision analysis and formal conceptualisation of decision aiding practices. Main areas of applications are resource allocation against emerging threats and multi-criteria prioritisation for health policy making.

Keywords: Multi-criteria; Decision Analysis; Risk; Behavioural OR

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Robert Pieczykolan.jpg

Name: Robert Pieczykolan

Occupation Title: Research Associate at PIQC Institute of Quality

Email: robert12 [at]


Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence for Managing Quality in different sectors (Quality 4.0). Keywords: Quality Control, Inspection and Quality Assurance using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis in relation to Quality, Use of Robotics in Quality (any manufacturing or service sector)

Keywords: Data Mining, Quality, Performance Measurement, Statistics

Arne Strauss

Name: Dr Arne K Strauss

Occupational Title: Associate Professor of Operational Research

Email: arne.strauss [at]


Research Interests: Optimisation under uncertainty, revenue/demand management, assortment optimisation, choice modelling, marketing science

Keywords: Optimisation; Marketing; Decision Analysis

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