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Capability Management in PracticeSC Johnson, AJS Robertson, DJ Lewis and JS Ryder11/11/200201.0
Branding OR as ORMr Graham Sharp 03/10/200101.0
Environment Screening At ECGD Mr Ian Calvert 06/09/200101.0
From Diggers to Tulips: How the BA OR group has changed itself to enable it to change the airlineM Roper12/10/200101.0
Strategic Development & SWOT Analysis at the University of WarwickR Dyson12/10/200101.0
Designing the future of OR: Report on a visioning exerciseM Meadows & F O'Brien12/10/200101.0
The OR Contribution to Strategy ConsultingIan Turner12/10/200101.0
Visioning - Is it OR?Frances O’Brien & Maureen Meadows12/10/200101.0
Structuring Strategic Thought: Cognitive MappingMark Westcombe & Mike Pidd12/10/200101.0
A Strategy Evaluation ProcessJeff Sackett12/10/200101.0

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