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Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018

 A keynote presentation from OR59 is now available on our YouTube channelA Model Simulator: The lives of Jay Forrester from Prof David Lane’s (FORS) keynote presentation. Note that the original presentation involved two other videos. The first of these is not included in the film of the talk, whilst the second appears as a ‘film of a film’. Those wishing to watch these films can use the details below:

Edward Murrow's See It Now—Jay Forrester and Whirlwind (1951) (Excerpt)
Forrester on Courage

The journal article associated with the talk is: Lane, D. C. & Sterman, J. D. (2018). A Model Simulator: The lives of Jay W Forrester. Journal of Simulation, 12(2): 90-97.This article can be accessed on the Taylor and Francis Online website. A more detailed biography of Forrester may be found in System Dynamics Review. Additional information about Jay Forrester, including further publications, honors and awards, and obituaries from around the world, can be accessed on the  System Dynamics Society’s website.

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