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Good Enough for Government work

Good Enough for Government workIan Mitchell FORS26/11/201701.0

Good Enough for Government work

Ian Mitchell FORS

Mini Abstract:
Good Enough for Government Work - Introducing a Modelling Integrity Network approach to Quality Assurance of Operational Research in support of Public Policy Design and implementation. This presentation describes the introduction of a Network approach to the delivery of Quality Control and Assurance (QA) processes to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). It introduces the context, considering motive, means and opportunity for the delivery of Modelling Integrity. Recognising the limitations of any model the presentation reviews the underlying motivation for modelling integrity laid down by the Macpherson Review and AQUA Book. Using a 5 step cycle the presentation describes the use of the means, 3 working tools, comprising a QA log, Model report and Assumptions Log. The QA Log includes the use of a Multi Criteria Model operating at individual model and Departmental levels. The presentation invites discussion on what now constitutes requisite, rigorous and reliable modelling. In the current circumstances of national transformation and abundant data what is good enough for government work?   Ethics and Governance in OR Public Policy Design; Quality assurance; OR process; Modelling