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Conference / Events

OR56 Annual Conference

Royal Holloway University of London, Egham.
9 – 11 September 2014

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
12 (welcome), 13 – 15 July 2015

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Conferences - Introduction

The OR Society organises several conferences every year. Listed below is general information on the conferences organised.

The Annual Conference

This main event is usually held in early September and attracts over 300 delegates from the UK, Europe, North America and elsewhere. The most recent annual conference was OR55, and was held in September 2013 (the next is OR56). The three-day conference programme contains a mixture of plenary sessions given by keynote speakers and parallel streams, covering all aspects of OR. In addition there is a comprehensive social programme.

The YoungOR Conference

Every other year the Society holds this conference, intended for young academics and practitioners with up to ten years' experience in OR. The most recent was YoungOR 18. It gives younger members of the profession an opportunity to present their work in a non-threatening environment to an audience of their peers. There are plenary talks by keynote speakers, interspersed with parallel streams and a comprehensive evening social programme.

One and two day conferences

Each year, the society holds a variety of one and two-day conferences on specialist topics.

Recent conferences include: a two day Knowledge and Information Management Conference (KIM2013 Knowledge and Information Management Conference) 4 -5 June 2013, a one day Analytics seminar (Developments in Analytics and Big Data – Adding Value), a two-day Simulation Workshop (Simulation Workshop 2012) and a European Conference on Intelligent Management Systems in Operations (IMSIO 5) in July 2013. Future conferences include the Simulation Workshop 2014.

Queries Regarding Conferences

If you wish to put on a short conference, would like to sponsor/exhibit at a society organised conference, are having difficulty submitting an abstract online or booking a conference online (and are unable to print the booking form on the website), then please contact Hilary Wilkes. It is recommended that conference bookings and abstract submissions if at all possible are done online.

Hilary Wilkes   Address:  The OR Society, Seymour House, 12 Edward Street, Birmingham, B1 2RX, UK
  Tel: +44 (0)121 233 9300