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Pro Bono O.R Case Studies


Individual Case Studies



Supporting the charity to present meaningful organisational performance management information.

Care4All case study


Stroke Association

To seek confirmation that their current process for donation handling was efficient, robust (financially secure with accurate donor data capture) and capable of meeting their service level targets, and to get ideas for process improvements.

Stroke Association case study


The National Autistic Society

How should the NAS (1) allocate personnel time across different channels to provide support to autistic people or their families, and (2) convince donors about the benefits that could be provided with more resources?

The National Autistic Society case study


Wave Trust

Understanding the Benefits of a Social Care Programme

Wave Trust case study


St Michael’s Fellowship

Gaining strategic insight

St Michael’s Fellowship case study


Charity Works

Simplifying selection and improving allocation

Charity Works case study


Hope North East

Strategic planning

Hope North East case study


Bullion Commuinity Resource Centre

An organisations first strategic plan

Bullion Commuinity Resource Centre case study



Knowing your audience

Bloodwise case study


PiP (Pursuing Independent Paths)

Understanding effectiveness of training & development

PiP case study


The Childhood Trust

Measuring the impact of supported projects

The Childhood Trust case study


Diabetes UK

Process Improvement and Supporter Care

Diabetes UK case study



Reviewing management information arrangements

Bikeworks case study


Ethical Property Foundation

Measuring impact more comprehensively

EPF case study


Elfrida Rathbone Camden

Designing on outcomes framework to measure impact

Elfrida Rathbone Camden case study



Evaluating the impact of their antenatal classes for first time parents across various socio-demographics

Parentskool case study


Welcome Centre

This food bank was expecting a big increase in demand and needed to know how the operation could be improved

Welcome Centre case study

A small charity supporting families and individuals facing a wide range of trauma or tragedy.

Providing advice onto planned extension of their services.

Case study

AYME (Association of Young People with ME): strategy review

AYME needed to revise its 3-5 year strategy in the light of changing circumstances and several new trustees.

AYME case study


The Dachshund Breed Council (DBC): A tool to help dog breeders identify genetic risks

Some Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds suffer from a form of epilepsy called Lafora Disease. 2 DNA tests are available, but are not yet used by all breeders. The DBC wanted a tool to help predict the probability of breeding puppies with Lafora Disease.

DBC: Identifying Genetic Risks case study
DBS: Identifying Genetic Risks OR56 conference presentation

  Dachshund Breed Counci

Harrogate & Ripon Centres for Voluntary Service

‘The client had recently taken over a rural visiting service for the elderly in North Yorkshire, the client wanted to ensure the service could realise as much benefit as possible.

Harrogate and Ripon case study

  See how Pro Bono O.R. helped Harrogate and Ripon


The client wanted to know how many dogs are there in the UK and how many are moving in and out of welfare/rescue. Without an understanding of the population and how it is stratified, it is difficult to propose meaningful welfare improvement policies.

RSPCA case study
RSPCA: modelling the UK dog population OR56 conference presentation

  See how Pro Bono O.R. helped Springboard with their resource planning

Disability Law Service

With funding cuts to themselves, but ever-growing needs from their beneficiaries as the consequences of austerity bite, the organisation needed to develop a sustainable set of priorities – and bring staff with them.

Disability Law Service case study

  See how Pro Bono O.R. helped Springboard with their resource planning


The client wanted to demonstrate how to develop a resource planning tool that could be used to examine different options together.

Springboard case study

  See how Pro Bono O.R. helped Springboard with their resource planning

Works for Us

The client wanted to achieve shared clarity on what the charity is trying to achieve, what might be done to get there, and what might go wrong

Works for Us case study

  Works for Us case study

Case study slides from previous Pro Bono O.R. projects. (click to download)

These are some of the organisations we are currently working with: