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Recent Blog Posts

Wednesday, 16 May 2018
Hope Meadows
OR in the Third Sector Special Interest Group. Joint Meeting with the Royal Statistical Society
Data is the lifeblood of much Operational Research and statistical work in charities. Whether that be for informing day-to-day management decisions; forecasting future trends and demand; or, evaluating the impact of the organisation’s activities. The speakers will look at some of the practical difficulties in identifying and using appropriate data. They will also consider how the value added by the analyst’s contribution might be enhanced.
Speakers include:
Silvia Laraia (Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Contact a Family) Issues and challenges in the use of data in a small/medium size charity; and ,
Tracey Gyateng (Data Science Manager, DataKind UK) The charitable data policy context, highlighting key challenges and emerging trends. Her research provides actionable recommendations to build a more enabling environment for data collection, analysis and sharing.
Amaka Nwagbara (membership engagement manager, Royal Statistical Society) will also highlight Statisticians for Society, a pro bono scheme by the Royal Statistical Society which aims to aid third sector organisations in need of data and analytical support.
The event will commence with a short AGM for the OR in the Third Sector Special Interest Group. Starting at 1pm.
Register now to attend the 'All About Data' event on 7 June in London:

Wednesday, 20 Jan 2016
Felicity McLeister

Systemic intervention:developing services with young people missing from home or care

Venue: West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds
Speaker: Gerald Midgley
Date: Wednesday, 07 December 2016 at 17:30 - 19:30

This is joint event between the Third Sector Special Interest Group and the Yorkshire and Humberside O.R. Group.

In this presentation, Gerald Midgley will discuss the methodology of systemic intervention that he has been developing for over twenty years. He will focus on key aspects of this methodology, such as the need for critical reflection on ethical and boundary judgements, and the value of mixing methods from a wide variety of sources to ensure that intervention is flexible and responsive to stakeholders’ concerns. The methodology will then be illustrated with a case study of an intervention conducted in Central Manchester, in which young people (under 16) and a variety of agencies developed new ideas to support children missing from home or care. The emphases will be on (i) how systemic intervention directs attention to the need to amplify the voices of marginalised stakeholders (such as, in this case, homeless children); and (ii) the value of mixing a variety of problem structuring methods to promote co-operation and mutual learning in a situation where multi-agency working was highly problematic.

 For those wanting to read more about systemic intervention prior to the presentation, you might like to have a look at Gerald Midgley’s book—Systemic Intervention: Philosophy, Methodology, and Practice (Kluwer/Plenum, New York, 2000). This not only contains details of the methodology, but also presents four case studies of practice, including the one to be discussed in this seminar. 

Refreshments will be available from 5pm. Please book you ticket via eventbrite or contact James Crosbie on to confirm your place.

Tuesday, 3 Jun 2014
Felicity McLeister