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Recent Blog Posts

Wednesday, 12 Aug 2015
Martin Kunc

The 8th simulation workshop takes place 11-13th April 2016 at Ettington chase hotel, Stratford-upon-avon.


The biennial OR Society Simulation Workshop brings together operational researchers working as applied practitioners and researchers in the field of simulation.  SW16 is the premier UK operational research conference focussed on simulation methods and covers all methods and applications areasFull call for papers is attached.



23 October 2015: Submit electronically contributed papers not previously published or presented. Submission instructions can be found at Each submission must be a 4-10 page paper (10-15 pages for the beginner/advanced tutorial stream), including an abstract of less than 150 words. Submission implies that an author will pay to attend the workshop to present the paper, and all clearance required for publication of the paper will be obtained by 12 February, 2016.

15 January 2016: Contributors will be notified whether or not their paper has been accepted.   

12 February 2016: Authors provide the final manuscript for inclusion in the conference proceedings. These should be in the format required for the conference. Author instructions are available at

12 February 2016: Submit Poster title and abstract of 150 words. These should be submitted using the electronic submission form for full contributed papers. Submission implies that an author will register and pay to attend the conference. Posters abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings and should follow the guidelines for conference papers.


If you require any further information on paper or poster submission, please contact the programme or poster chairs


Sent on behalf of the SW16 organising committee


  • Dr Christine Currie – Conference co-chair
  • Dr Thomas Monks – Conference co-chair
  • Dr Martin Kunc – Programme chair
  • Dr Anastasia Anagnostou – Programme chair
  • Dr Katy Hoad – Programme chair
  • Dr Anastasia Gogi – Poster Chair

Tuesday, 4 Aug 2015
Martin Kunc

This coming 11-13th April 2016 sees the return of the OR Society’s biennial simulation workshop (SW16).  The conference always boasts an excellent mix of delegates from the fields of simulation practice and research.  The conference covers application and theoretical developments across all simulation methods, for example agent based simulation, system dynamics, discrete-event simulation and monte-carlo simulation.  We have updated and refreshed the conference this year keeping the best of the original format and adding some exciting new elements. 

A brand new location

This year we have given the conference a fresh new feel and switched locations to the luxurious Ettington Chase Hotel, Stratford-Upon Avon (  This central location has good local transport links including from Birmingham International Airport.

An extra half day of simulation tutorials at no extra cost

Over the years we have received a lot of feedback from delegates asking for more technical talks about simulation methodology.  The committee have been listening!  We are pleased to announce that this year the conference will feature an extra half day dedicated to tutorial sessions for beginners and experienced simulation modellers alike.  We are even doing this at no extra cost to delegates!

Confirmed tutorial speakers are:

  • Prof. Stewart Robinson, President of the OR Society

  • Prof. Russell Cheng, University of Southampton

  • Dr Simon Taylor, Brunel University

  • David Buxton, dse Consulting

Learn from and meet the top names in simulation

The simulation workshop has a proud track record of attracting the top names in computer simulation as keynote speakers.  We hope to have two keynote talks this year from Professor Sally Brailsford and another speaker who has yet to be confirmed. Updates will be made to the conference website. Previous keynotes have included Prof. Barry Nelson, Prof. Shane Henderson, Prof Charles Macal and Prof. Paul Fishwick.

SW16 not only provides a platform for learning from these top names, but also the opportunity to meet them and get feedback on your work, either during the formal conference sessions, at the three-course conference dinner or the coffee breaks between sessions.

High quality talks – guaranteed

The conference typically features 30 high quality practitioner and researcher papers detailing applied case studies and theoretical developments in the field of computer simulation.  We ask delegates to submit a 3-10 page paper that is published in our proceedings.  Not only does this mean you get to take away 30 high quality papers in the proceedings, but it guarantees high quality talks!

Practitioner and researcher poster competition

If you don’t feel your work warrants a full oral presentation then the practitioner and researcher poster option is for you.  Poster delegates produce an A0 or A1 poster showcasing their applied or theoretical simulation work and are asked to give a 2 minute ‘elevator pitch’ presentation to argue why their poster deserves the title of SW16’s best poster.  We emphasise this competition is open to all SW16 delegates!

On behalf of the SW16 Conference Committee

  • Dr Christine Currie – Conference co-chair

  • Dr Thomas Monks – Conference co-chair

  • Dr Martin Kunc – Programme chair

  • Dr Anastasia Anagnostou – Programme chair

  • Dr Katy Hoad – Programme chair

  • Dr Anastasia Gogi – Poster Chair

Friday, 29 May 2015
Sion Cave

The UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society was formed in 1999.  Since its formation, the Chapter has held a large number of events, which have included networking events and its annual conference.  The purpose of the events is to bring together people using system dynamics for their work and research.  These events include presentations and workshops delivered by experienced system dynamics practitioners. 

The UK Chapter has brought together a list of all the presentations delivered at the events and, where possible, supporting materials.  Presentations have covered projects that have had a significant impact across the public and private sectors and innovations in the practice of system dynamics.

The list is available here:

Siôn Cave

Tuesday, 19 May 2015
Martin Kunc

Dear All,

This is the first entry into the Simulation SIG blog. I want to give you a warm welcome to all of you and suggest few ideas/rules for posts.

  1. A community needs news and ideas to thrive so you are welcome to post your ideas but don't promote your business.
  2. Events, seminars and potential activities related to sharing knowledge in a non-commercial manner are welcome.
  3. Links to knowledge sources are also welcome.
  4. Professional news such as new appointments, promotions, PhDs viva, etc. are also welcome.
  5. The topics covered in this blog include all forms of simulation methods, e.g. Discrete Event, System Dynamics, Spreadsheet, etc.

Feel free to send me a post,, if you can't do it by yourself.

Looking forward to hear from you soon,