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Archive: November 2018 (Analytics Network)

Thursday, 29 Nov 2018
Amy Hughes

The Analytics Network Winter Event

The Analytics Network, part of the Operational Research Society, organised the Winter event that took place at Robert Walters offices in Covent Garden on the 22nd November.

On this ocassion we had four different speakers from a wide range of industries. The talks were: 

-Colin Stewart, Director of Analytics at More Metrics , Using open sourcedata in a post GDPR world to estimate household incomes

-Kasia Kulma, Data Scientist at Mango Solutions, Interpretable Machine Learning with LIME - now and tomorrow

-Ines Marusic, QuantumBlack, Algorithmic Bias: Metrics, methods, and implications

-Thinh Ha, senior data scientist at Barclays, The measure and mismeasure of Algorithmic Fairness


All of our speakers presentations can be found here


We look forward to seeing you in our coming events.

Analytics Network, The OR Society





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