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Archive: May 2018 (Analytics Network)

Wednesday, 2 May 2018
Hope Meadows

One of the key aims of the Analytics Network within the OR Society is the sharing of ideas around the analytics space. On 26th April experts from EY, QuantumBlack, IBM and Flying Binary shared their insights into analytics with an audience of over 50 networkers.

 At our recent Analytics Network event held at EY, Bethan Mackay from EY, Musa Bilal from QuantumBlack, Joanna Levitt and Matthew Robinson from IBM and Prof Jacqui Taylor from Flying Binary delivered four talks sharing their insights into analytics in the areas of health, machine learning, application of design thinking to analytics and internet of things, respectively. After the talks there were drinks, snacks and networking that everyone thoroughly enjoyed - some even run out of their business cards!

I was pleased to learn that Ian Mitchell, the Operational Research Manager from Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy was one of many proactive attendees. Ian who is a Secretary of Public Policy Design Special Interest Group says: “It is good to have the SIGs support one another – there are often insights from the overlaps!”. Encouraging SIGs mutual collaboration was an important point raised at the SIG and RG Chairs Meeting held on 5th April 2018 at The ORS HQ in Birmingham.

In the spring of 2015, I got involved with Pro Bono OR to put to good use my ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ analytical skills learnt as a physics and business undergraduate which I felt were dormant in the teaching career I had pursued for some time. A search for a new career direction had led me into securing sponsorship for university law course for which in the summer of 2017 I was awarded Graduate Diploma in Law. My aim now is to understand the overlap between the skills and knowledge in physics, business and law and how best to put them into practice. Operational research provides that area of overlap, which is why I attended The ORS UK CAP Launch and Analytics Network re-Launch event on 5th February 2018 and subsequently joined the Committee: to engage with and become a proactive member of a diverse community of analysts.

Being a new Committee Member it was an honour for me to host the event with such amazing speakers. During preparation for the speakers’ introductions, I discovered the immense joy I felt when learning about their individual achievements and then sharing it with a wider audience. As such, my key message to our future guest speakers is this – a short biography that we use to structure and to promote the events is a great opportunity for us to accentuate your professional progress and achievements. On behalf of a committee I invite you to take that chance, leave modesty at home and get involved. We are eager to learn from you!

Similarly we are developing the events for the rest of 2018 and beyond and would like to hear from you if you would like to discuss your views on analytics or have a topic you would like and we will find a suitable speaker.  We are also looking at events outside London so if you are involved in a regional group, please get in touch.

The Analytics Summit 2018 on 12th June is the next big Analytics event being run by the OR Society in association with the Royal Statistical Society and we are then looking to run an Analytics Network event in July.

Should you be interested in joining our committee, attending events, visiting as a photographer or videographer then please get in contact with either myself at or Eduardo Contreras, AN Chair, at

To access the slides from this event please view at:

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Committee Member, Analytics Network Special Interest Group, OR Society

Aspiring Lawyer-Analyst

Former Legal Officer at Sovereign HA

Former Physics Teacher


Graduate Diploma in Law | MSci(Hons) Physics with Business Mgmt


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