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Archive: September 2014 (Analytics Network)

Monday, 15 Sep 2014
Sayara Beg

Do you feel nervous about speaking in public?  Do you want to develop your leadership skills and don't know where to start.

Toastmasters International has a 'learn by doing' educational program split into two tracks:  Communications and Leadership.  By completing ten projects in each stream you advance through from Competent level to Advance to Distinguished levelf.

The Analytics Network is looking for interested members who would like to help me set up a Speakers club to follow the Toastmasters International Education program. 

If this is something you would like to be involved in, then join me at this Meetup. On Monday 13th October, Satigo, 30 St Mary Axe (Gherkin), City of London, EC3A 8BF at 18:30:  Click here to confirm your attendance and ensure a security pass is ready for you on the night:

Feel free to forward the invite.


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