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Archive: January 2016 (North Western OR Group)

Wednesday, 6 Jan 2016
Muriel McGrath

As Manchester takes on the role of City of Science to host the 2016 EuroScience Open Forum, the North West Operational Research Group relaunches after many years in the wilderness.

When I discovered OR as a discipline during my Business Maths degree at MMU, I was keen to start making contact with other practitioners, and discovering that the local branch was inactive was a blow. While the YHORG is very welcoming, and I have attended several meetings there (and even presented at one), trekking across the Pennines on a regular basis can be wearying. Even more concerning is the lack of visibility of the discipline in the local area that has led to very few of the Pro Bono projects coming from local organisations and charities, and to far fewer opportunities for operational researchers than you’d expect given the pace of investment in the North West.

So when the chance arose to help relaunch the local branch, I jumped at it – possibly too hard, as I have landed as chair, at least until we can arrange a proper AGM. To get the relaunch started with a bang, we’re running an event on 3 February between 2 and 5 pm, kindly hosted at MMU in their Law School, and the outgoing and new presidents of the OR Society, Stewart Robinson and Ruth Kaufman, are our main speakers. As well as their talks, we’ll be discussing the role of the local organisation in terms of what our members want, and encouraging members of the OR society and interested bystanders alike to get involved in making NWORG a thriving group in its new incarnation.

We’ve been told that the refreshments will be as top notch as the talks, so it’s likely to be worth sticking your head in if you have any interest in analytics, big data, modelling or the future of OR in a changing world. Practitioners in related fields and students who have not had much chance to meet other OR practitioners are particularly encouraged to come and see us for this relaunch event, but everyone with an interest is always more than welcome. I’m certainly looking forward to meeting you all!