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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

At OR60 we invite contributions from researchers and practitioners on issues related to the application of OR in areas other than healthcare (there is a separate stream for those). Presenters will be asked to give a two minute slide presentation of their poster. There will be a prize awarded for the best judged poster.

This session invites academics and industry practitioners to display posters and to give a two minute pitch highlighting their research and practice contributions and aims to provide a forum for academia and industry to exchange ideas. It can help deliver your work to a wide audience, enabling you to gain valuable feedback from industry and academic audiences. It is also a good chance for participants to start conversations and build networks for future collaborations.
The content of posters is expected to be beyond the idea or proposal stage and objective. The methodology and preliminary/expected results should also be included. Posters arriving in time, will be displayed over all three days of the conference.

Submission Requirements:
• Please submit a title and abstract (150 words max.) through the link below to Posters Non-Healthcare Topics stream, by no later than 31 July 2018.
(Please note: the reduced registration rate is only available up to 30 June 2018.) 
• There is no requirement to submit a paper in order to present your poster.
• Posters should be A1 size in Portrait style i.e. 841mm across x 594 mm down.
• Select text size and pictures/charts readable from a distance of 3 feet.
• Prepare a 2-minute pitch with slides, to present in the poster session.
• Bring fasteners (i.e. Velcro or similar) and something to carry the poster home.
• Presenters must register and pay to attend the conference.

Full guidelines for all poster presenters can be found on the OR60 website at:

For further information on Non-Healthcare posters please contact Graham Rand.

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