Jump-start your career in OR, analytics or data science

Thank you to all that attended the UK’s only operational research careers fair

The OR Society’s Careers Open Day Online connects students from STEM fields and other numerate degrees with top OR, analytics and data science employers to discuss job opportunities and the benefits of working in these sectors.

Next year we will hold the Careers Open Day on 16 November 2022 in person at the Think Tank in Birmingham.

You will enjoy FREE ACCESS and can:

  • Connect one-to-one with OR and analytics employers
  • Learn how to apply for your dream job
  • Attend interview and CV skills sessions
  • Gain insight from advice and case studies

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What to expect on the day

The Careers Open Day 2021 is an excellent opportunity to launch your career in operational research, analytics, or data science.

Throughout the day you'll learn what employers are looking for, how to create an impact with your CV and have the chance to attend sessions such as interview skills workshops.

Not only will the day prepare you for securing a job in OR, but you'll also:

  • gain insight into what the world of work looks like now
  • hear from industry professionals who have found their perfect career
  • learn about a day in the life of an operational researcher, analyst or data scientist.

Our Careers Open Day will introduce you to a number of organisations through sessions, talks and one-to-one calls, where you can learn about life working for their company and what work they do. Many of these employers will be actively hiring, so make sure you ask for their top tips on applying for a job with them!

“You have to go wholeheartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright, Careers Open Day 2020

Start   End
10:00 Event opens  
10:00 Opening session - welcome talk and talk from our sponsor, Ocado Technology

"OR at Ocado: Where Efficiency Meets Social Responsibility"
11:00 Exhibitor stands open 12:00
12:00 Optional talk - Hetal Soneji, OR, GORS and working in GORS 13:00
13:00 Exhibitor stands only 13:30
13:30 Optional talk - Tim Gent and Beth Warren, Atkins OR Career Stories 14:30
14:30 Exhibitor stands only 15:00
15:00 Optional talk - Jamie Martin, Careers in OR at Capgemini 16:00
  Event closes 16:00

We'll continue to update this table as sessions are confirmed. Follow The OR Society on social media to stay in the know.

Find your dream job at companies like these:

We have these prestigious employers waiting to meet with you, whether you’re an up-and-coming undergrad, job-focused graduate or an ambitious career-changer. Below are this year exhibitors. Grasp the chance to discuss your career in a 1:1 video call:

Ocado Engineers

Meet our Premium Exhibitor

The Government Operational Research Service GORS Working for Dstl Bae Corda Atkins Group The OR Society Free Student Membership NATS Direct Line Group Defence Equipment & Support The Royal Air Force Capgemini Invent Smith Institute Zing University of South Wales

Key highlights from last year

  • Abideen Sadiq and Tanaka Nyamande shared their experience of joining Capgemini and how they use what they studied in machine learning in the real world
  • Robin Wood from GORS explaining the opportunities available for graduates within the various Government OR departments
  • Questions such as: 'How can I demonstrate I’m a suitable applicant?' and 'How can I become a lecturer?' answered in our Q&A sessions.