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This regional society meets regularly to enable members to network with other operational researchers in their local area and to expand their knowledge of OR in breadth and depth.

We put on meetings, works visits and other events, which are generally free admission and open to all, giving members the freedom to invite clients and others outside OR who are interested in the subject.

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Committee details

Djamila Ouelhadj Chair
Alain Zemkoho Secretary
Tolga Bektas Treasurer

Upcoming Events

Solving crew scheduling problem in offshore supply vessels: heuristics and decomposition methods

Date: Wednesday, 1 December

Time: 13:00-14:00 GMT

Speaker:  Seda Sucu, University of Portsmouth

Zoom link:


About the event: Crew scheduling has been a significant part of the decision-making process on efficiently operating and maintaining the tasks in the offshore supply vessels due to crew costs being a significant proportion of operational costs. Additionally, the sophisticated requirements for crew members’ assignments on a global scale, the sudden changes, and uncertainties in the maritime settings make the assignment of the crew scheduling problem harder and these sudden changes cause higher costs. In this study, the allocation of crew members to the offshore supply vessels with recovery schedules was considered. A case study, crew scheduling in offshore supply vessels which is used for specific operations of a global scaled company in the oil and gas industry was analysed and two different (task-based and time-windows) MINLP models were proposed to formulate this problem. To solve the model efficiently, heuristic and decomposition methods were designed and implemented in C++. An extensive computational study was used to compare the performance efficiency between the proposed heuristic and the exact solution method by Xpress-Ive. Based on this computational study, the generation of more economic schedules within a short period of time by using the heuristic was observed.


About the speaker: Dr Seda Suku is a post-doc research fellow in applied operational research and a member of the Centre for Operational Research and Logistics (CORL) at the University of Portsmouth. She gained her BSc degree from the Department of Statistics in Middle East Technical University. She holds an MSc degree from the TOBB University of Economics and Technology in Industrial Engineering. Later, She received her PhD from the Department of Management Science at University of Strathclyde. Her research interests are combinatorial optimisation, heuristics algorithms, multi-objective optimisation applied on various real-life problems. Currently, she is working as a postdoctoral research fellow in the FTZ Mobility-as-a-Service project (DfT funded) in the Solent region.


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November 2021

OR helps dialysis services work better during COVID-19

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July 2020

Learned Societies lead on Professionalisation of Data Science

In this instance, professionalisation isn’t a smart suit or a slick presentation. It covers the knowledge, skills and behaviours that might be expected of a data scientist. The OR Society is a key player in a group of bodies interested in what such professionalisation might look like.

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April 2020

Supply Chain Response Hub for COVID-19 Recovery Scenario Modelling

AIMMS has released a supply chain response hub, allowing businesses to create models that account for the disruption COVID-19 is having on supply chains.

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