ISMOR 39 Proceedings

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Ronnie Sheppard Memorial Address

Wednesday 20th July  Title  Author
Session 1 A mathematical programming approach for trajectory optimisation of UAVs in the presence of adversary sensors. Joerg Fliege, Southampton University
  Modelling Autonomous UAV Swarms in AFSIM Joe Limber, SPA
  Air Defence: Finding a needle in an Hungarian Haystack Will Jones, Catalyze
Session 2  When we know the know we known
Darrell Jaya-Ratnam and Yasmin Underwood, DIEM Analytics
  Natural Language Processing: Getting the language right Dominic McCaskill, tpgroup
  Decision based evidence making? Analysis in the real world: Lessons learnt and suggested approaches
David Bangert, Sirius
Session 3 Getting Simulation into Industry’s capability and capacity planning processes Laura James, CORDA
  Algorithm development to identify Canadian Armed Force service couples from imperfect data Ingrid Lai, DRDC
  Wartime Operational Research Revisited John Magill, Independent
Thursday 21 July 2022    
Session 4 Updating the Helmbold Land Battle Database Paul Syms, Dstl
  Analysing and exploiting data from wargaming: Supporting force optimisation and warfare development priorities Jason Potter, CORDA
  Applying defence analysis approaches to civil security problems Chris Watson, CORDA
 Session 5 The royal air force and the grey zone: Challenges and Insights
Michael Sinha, MOD
  Supporting operational decision-making concerning aircraft structural integrity damage identified during maintenance Rich Green, RAF
  Operator in the loop simulation for experimentation  Joshua Ellington and Harvey Williams, MBDA  
Session 6 Soft OR in NATO Concept Development  Nicholas Rose, NATO ACT
  Operational Analysis and Decision Support: A Perspective from high performance sport  Paul Barratt, CORDA 
Prize Winners    
The Eugene Visco prize for best paper by an early career analyst    
 The David Faddy prize for best overall paper